Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is there enough room for me to wear glasses or a mask under my CapLens? 

A: Yes, there is room to wear glasses (or any type of eyewear) and a face mask underneath your protective face shield. 

Q: Is the face shield anti-fog? 

A: A layer of anti-fog coating has been applied to the shield to prevent it from easily fogging up.

 Q: Is CapLens reusable? 

A: CapLens is made of a durable plastic material that can and should be disinfected after every use and is reusable. Exact number of uses depends on the wearer and usage.  

Q: Will CapLens stay on my cap while I’m on the go 

A: Yes, for higher impact activities that require CapLens to stay firmly in place, you also have the option to attach the provided silicon piece. 

 Q: Does CapLens require assembly? 

A: The CapLens comes with instructions for easy, minimal assembly. 

Q: Does CapLens come with a baseball cap?  

A: It does not come with a cap, but it is made to fit onto most caps and visors. 

Q: What is the return policy? 

A: Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept exchanges or returns. All sales are final. 

Q: Where is CapLens made? 

A: CapLens is designed and manufactured in Southern California, USA. The clear face shields are supplied from overseas.